Residential Painting

Painting Elegance, Sophistication, and Functional Living Space

It’s Our Passion

If you are a homeowner living in Southern Utah, St. George Painting Pros paints at the heart of where you live. As a celebrated painting contractor in Stone Cliff, The Ledges, Entrada, Kayenta, and Canyon Trails and abroad, we focus on quality, class, and craftsmanship that sets your home apart from your neighbors.

Does it feel like ages since you last updated your home’s paint design? It’s great you found us! Our company’s professional painting services are a top choice for homeowners looking for luxury painting designs on their interior and exterior living spaces in St. George, UT. We will update your paintwork with the best paints and techniques while showing you what’s possible in your home.

Interior House Painting by St. George Painting Pros

Want to brighten up your house’s interior walls? Is the paint losing the appearance it once had? Rediscover that high-end wall paint finish with St. George Painting Pros. No matter the precautions you take, walls still get dirty, and scrubbing dulls their color. We will revolutionize your interior living space and reclaim its smooth shine. From your medium-traffic spacious living room to high-traffic areas like the kitchen, playrooms, and laundry rooms, we have what it takes to re-establish the luxurious feel you deserve.

Our team of experienced residential painting experts does thorough pre-paint preparation work so that the final paint finish fills out any imperfections. As a result, not only does the final paintwork appear new, but it is durable, washable, and can handle daily activity. Furthermore, our painting service includes cabinetry, doors, trim and ceiling since they are a fundamental part of the overall interior look, and we ensure they blend with the wall and furniture.

Exterior Residential Painting Services

Extend your classy interiors to the outside. It’s no surprise that most of the fantastic paintwork on St. George’s luxury homes’ exteriors is the work of  St. George Painting Pros. We are an acclaimed painting contractor as far as exterior painting is concerned. Our work reveals an inviting, eco-friendly environment highlighting the luxurious homes’ distinctive architectural designs and enhancements.

Your outdoor spaces and infrastructure are continuously exposed to harsh weather, and other environmental contaminants. Wear and tear of the original paint is inevitable but correctible. In fact, exterior and outdoor painting is almost always the first thing our valued clients discuss, and our impressive portfolio speaks for itself. Decorate your outdoor space in Kayenta, Etrada, Stone Cliff, or The Ledges with St. George Painting Pros.

Are you looking for a blend of modern luxury with natural surroundings? We provide valuable improvements to your existing home that complement your taste and style. Our painting service package accommodates traditional, modern, and individualized exterior painting. The spirit of St. George Painting Pros is in the details; the warm welcome of the beautifully painted deck, the cool touch of the exterior walls, and the modern vibe of the entryways. Outside of exterior painting, we offer other outdoor living space painting services like: