Commercial Painting

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Experts in Commercial Painting

First impressions count a great deal if you want to attract high-value customers to your office buildings, restaurants, retail outlets, pubs, and shops. It all begins with the overall aesthetics of commercial spaces. Want to make those places the ultimate destinations for customers? We are delighted you landed at the right spot! We help commercial property owners in St. George nail down the best paint designs for their commercial buildings.

While distinctive architecture, luxurious amenities, and fantastic landscaping are crucial design elements, the aesthetics of paint design express your personality, business style, and culture. Other places we serve include Kayenta, Canyon Trails, Stone Cliff,  The Ledges and more. So sit tight as we walk you through our professional commercial painting contracting services.

Why Hire St. George Painting Pros?

Whether you are building a new commercial property or refurbishing an existing office, pub, medical center, restaurant, or hotel, we are the best painting contractors in St. George, UT to execute your vision. There are plenty of reasons why we stand out:

We Offer Customized Painting Solutions 

Does your commercial building have a unique history and painting design that you like to update while maintaining its originality? No matter when the building was constructed, St. George Painting Pros are the best at providing solutions tailored to our client’s needs. We have a team of full-time professional painters that will rebrand your paint design while maintaining the business’ rich history. Even if your business is partnering with another agency and changing the colors to signify a new alliance, we have the experts for the job 

We Deliver within Tight Deadlines While Being Flexible

We have helped workplaces and commercial centers turn into efficient, friendly, and luxurious environments for over a decade now. We understand that no business wants to shut down for days due to renovations. Our team is fast at execution, right from planning, preparation, painting, and cleanup. 

We also have project scheduling arrangements that allow us to cordon off sections of your building that we are working on without interfering with the normal operations. And if it’s impossible to conduct our job during regular business hours, we are delighted to work nights, during the weekends, holidays or after the business closes.

We Provide On-site Project Supervision

We know you have concerns, questions, and inquiries you would like explanations for during the project. Don’t worry! Our dedicated project manager will be on-site to answer any questions you have and ensure the project runs smoothly. If anything that concerns you arises during the project, feel free to talk to the project manager.

We are open to any new ideas you might want the painting design to include or even features that don’t impress you. Are you running a commercial space in St. George, UT, and would you like it repainted? Contact St. George Painting Pros today. Our company serves a wide range of commercial buildings such as:

Exterior Commercial Painting Services

As business owners in Southern Utah ourselves, we know how important it is to make a first impression. The very first thing your customer sees when they drive up to your location is the exterior of your building. If the paint is old, cracking, or uneven, their immediate thought will be that you don’t take care of your building, so what makes them think you’ll take care of them and their needs? Our team at St George Painting Pros is here to help you put your best foot forward and make sure your commercial building is in the best shape year-round.

Whether we like to admit it or not, first impressions matter. Regardless of the industry you’re in, it’s important to grab your customer’s attention right away and show them that you not only care about catering to their needs, but you also care about maintaining a clean and professional building for your employees. You would be amazed at what a difference a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your commercial building can do. Just get in touch with our team at St George Painting Pros today to talk through your project, and receive a free estimate!